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Clients include Autodesk, AbbVie, Banfield, Daimler, Hewlet Packard, Genentech, Hemsley Fraser,

Portland Gas & Electric, PricewaterhouseCoopers, T-Mobile and more.

An introduction to Unconscious Bias produced for Hemsley Fraser in Washington, D.C.

This whiteboard explainer video was produced for Lane Change Consulting.

Autodesk University connects 10,000 professionals from construction, manufacturing, architecture, engineering,

and media creation for 4 days of learning, networking, and knowledge sharing, to advance industry practice.

A clip from an eleven minute video introducing a travel platform app

Bookmiser Book Store

Crowley & Company Promotional Video

This video produced for Drawbridge Innovations explains an employee review process


A short Christmas story about Ug the caveboy in prehistoric times.

Ug is a caveboy who has been brought to the present when Andrew's fort is struck by lighting.

They can now travel through time to see what they can get into, and out of...




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