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Two-thirds of us are visual learners. Adding a picture to text or sound increases retention rates by 40%. Graphic Recording literally illustrates the big ideas and high level content of live meetings, conferences or events. Through this highly interactive visual process, the graphic recorder uses the honed skills of active listening, information synthesis and drawing to capture key words and images in real time.




The images below are from a group of over 100 images that were generated over three days in a conference booth, where attendees were asked to fill out a card with their "dream training solution", that would enter them in a drawing for a trip to London as well as capture their contact information. I would do a quick visual representation of the idea, and these were used to decorate the booth. Attendees could return for the art, download it.





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Robbie Short Illustration - Whimsical humorous illustration for children's books, advertising, editorial illustration and licensing. Comic book illustration, toys and games, character design and web illustration. My images are digitally or traditionally rendered, or more often a combination of both. Click the Linkedin link to see more illustration projects in detail.