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Clients include AbbVie, Daimler, Genentech, Hemsley Fraser, Portland Gas & Electric, PricewaterhouseCoopers, T-Mobile and more.


A clip from an eleven minute video introducing a travel platform app


A short Christmas story about Ug in prehistoric times, winner of a Scribey award for outstanding whiteboard.

Ug is a caveboy who has been brought to the present when Andrew's fort is struck by lighting.

They can now travel through time to see what they can get into, and out of...




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Robbie Short Illustration - Whimsical, humorous illustration for children's books, advertising, editorial and licensing. Graphic design and Infographics. Comic book illustration, toys and games, character design and web illustration. Also digital whiteboard animation. My images are digitally or traditionally rendered, or more often a combination of both.